Tour of California 2010 – May 15

This is my second opportunity to work as chief gofer for a pro cycling team in the Tour of California. In 2008 I worked for the HealthNet team, which last year morphed into the Ouch team, with Floyd Landis joining, and this year it has become United Healthcare, without Floyd. All three incarnations have been managed by Mike Tamayo, whom I met years ago when he was managing the Victory Brewing women’s pro team. They had a bit of a shoestring budget and I used to provide them with free host housing when they came to California to race the Manhattan Beach Grand Prix.

The budget is much bigger now, but still not limitless, so Mike takes free labor whenever he can get it. That’s where I come in. Since I like to hang around the racing milieu, what better way than to actually be laboring in the trenches? It gets close and personal sometimes. At dinner this evening, Fabian Cancellara and Andy Schleck were sitting at the table right next to us, in the bar later Johan Bruyneel was giving an interview over an ale. And tomorrow I get to wash the dirty kits for all our guys. Living the dream…

Here are some pictures I took today:ToC20100515 pix

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