Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

There’s this song by Willie Nelson and Faron Young called “Three Days” of which I’ve only heard kd lang’s version. It’s one of those broken heart country songs with unconventionally indirect lyrics about three days the singer would prefer to not experience due to the ongoing pain – yesterday, today and tomorrow. Well, for me it’s not quite the same three days, more like today, yesterday, and the day before yesterday, but in any case, it’s been three days of busting ass on this tour.

Probably a lot of it has to do with unexpectedly becoming a de-facto professional trailer hauler competing for pavement space on the California freeways with massive semis and speeding voyagers. Today I was rolling through pea soup clouds, with sub-100 foot visibility at times, high in the Tehachapi Pass between Bakersfield and Mojave, then between Mojave and Palmdale trying to keep the rig straight in the gale force winds blowing across the desert flats.

Then there is the whole laundry business. Last night we were in a rather large Holiday Inn, but there was just a single washing machine and a single dryer available for guests. I guess a moving village of cyclists and support staff is an abnormal situation for a hotel, but c’mon, one washing machine in a hotel with 256 guest rooms? When you’re competing with other laundry wenches for the one machine it makes for a late night, but on the positive side, an opportunity to read the new book “bikesnobnyc” while waiting for the spin cycle to complete.

Back later with photos, have tasks to do.

Ah, here they are –Santa Cruz photos and Visalia & the road to Palmdale .

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One Response to Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

  1. Adam says:

    Hang in there, Jeff. Love reading your updates.

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