Sunset Breakfast Ride

Kelly complained that Jim Hannon never lets him partake of one of his favorite activities when going on a ride – stopping at a cafe for a nice bite to eat. Jim, as a ride leader, just cracks the whip and pushes everybody to the finish. Only then can you rest with your cappucino and croissant-wich.

I’m with Kelly when it comes to longer rides. Chow is king. But how does one ensure the calorie break? Be the ride leader. That’s how we ended up having breakfast at Mick’s Cafe in Pacific Palisades.

A couple of months ago I decided to lead a breakfast ride for Beach Cities Cycling Club. But where to go? On a Sunday morning I joined the Kettle Ride for a jaunt from Manhattan Beach out to Malibu. On the return trip I took a detour up Sunset Boulevard to the Pacific Palisades commercial area looking for a cafe that would fit the bill. Lots of them fronting Sunset, but virtually no bike parking.

So I started checking the side streets and found Mick’s on Strathmore Avenue, maybe 100 meters off Sunset. With a verdant and shady open courtyard for dining, and a private fenced-in parking lot in back, it was a perfect setup. The test breakfast was good too.

I scheduled the ride for Sunday, September 26, and Jim Hannon sent out the notice to the club. We got a good-sized group of 19 riders and a beautiful sunny day after too many foggy mornings on the coast. The ride to Mick’s was north from Redondo Beach for 23 miles along the beach, mostly on the beach bike path, with a hunger-inducing climb up Sunset Boulevard from Pacific Coast Highway to the restaurant.

Here is the full set of pix from the ride: SBR pix

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One Response to Sunset Breakfast Ride

  1. Mary Ann says:

    What a fun ride it was, thanks for memorializing it. Great pix and article!

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