Life goes on

Multiple family casualties this year. The more it happens, the more I want to be riding my bike instead of working.

Uncle Ted (progressive dementia and physical debilitation). I never spent much time with Ted until, ironically, I moved away to California. When I would visit back in Michigan he had purchased a small daysailer which we would take out on local lakes. He also had a friend with a 35 footer in a marina at the old Edison plant on the Detroit River near Belle Isle. We would drive down there and go sailing out on Lake Saint Clair.

First communion day? First high school dance?

Handsome young Ted

Younger brother Jonathan (complications from diabetes since mid-teens). He faced his physical problems with a better attitude than anyone could expect. The accumulated assaults on his health eventually wore him out.

Chilly but rideable.


Mother Jean (massive stroke). Loving wife and mother of five, lived to 90. Too many home-cooked meals and desserts to recount, and she always liked a martini or two (whatever amount = giddy) with her sister Sally at a family party. Progressive physical pain, loss of abilities, and finally the loss of her youngest child took away the joy of living.

Dad kept this picture in his wallet for 60+ years

Glam Jean

Where did I put that mechanic?

Uncle Mel (progressive physical debilitation, heart worn out). Mel was married to mom’s sister Sally and they had three sons. Our families spent a lot of time together when I was young, it seemed like every other Sunday. Mel grew up on a farm, but after WW2 was a Ford factory guy, I believe a line manager at a Lincoln plant.

Sally & Mel getting to know each other.

Sally & Mel getting to know each other.

This dog got a lot of attention.

This dog got a lot of attention.

The old days – family photos 1 of 3
The old days – family photos 2 of 3
The old days – family photos 3 of 3

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3 Responses to Life goes on

  1. Mary Dykzeul says:

    Thanks so much for posting these photos, many of which I have never seen before. It appears you have come by your love of bike riding genetically, I see! Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  2. Tami Fox says:

    I love these photos. What a wonderful way to honor the dearly departed. So sad to learn of all their passings.

  3. L.J. says:

    Hey Jeff, l.J. here thanks’ so much, life goes on with us or without…be well cousin

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