The Belly for the Beast

Went to Marrieta GA for a few days between Christmas and New Year to have a partial family reunion since dear old dad was visiting with sister Maureen and her hubby Ron. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived dear old dad was in the hospital suffering from a recurrence of extremely low blood platelets, and he remained there for my entire visit. But that meant I had a captive audience for me singing songs and playing along on a very nice Taylor 214 acoustic guitar borrowed from a neighbor of my sis. On the positive side, 90-year-old dad no longer has crisp hearing, so I sounded good to him.

Also got to visit with Peggy Sue, a very spry Welsh Terrier living with Maureen and Ron. Peggy Sue likes to crawl up in your lap, and has a favorite position draped over Ron’s belly as shown below.


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