Paul Bunyan’s Boot

Several weeks ago, Mario and I were bushwacking a new route from Redondo Beach to Long Beach, and the route took us through Wilmington. Wilmington is a low-lying section of Los Angeles city down at the harbor, between San Pedro and Long Beach. Many people consider it low rent and undesirable. Eye of the beholder and all that, but it’s really a vibrant section of town with the port activity, lots of industry, plenty of full-up residential areas and very active commercial sections. Yeah, it’s not Brentwood, but you don’t see boarded up houses or businesses either. There’s a lot of living going on down there.

We were riding south through a residential area and transitioned into an industrial zone just north of Anaheim Street, which we planned to take east to Long Beach. Just as we passed a workshop I noticed these two big boots out front at each corner of the building. (photos courtesy of Mario Obejas)

Paul B's boot

Paul B's boot

Paul B's boot

Paul B's boot

Maybe they used to make boots here? Perhaps a former boss had a hankerin’ to be a cowboy? I dunno, whaddya think?

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1 Response to Paul Bunyan’s Boot

  1. Lesa says:

    Thankfully, one size does not fit all.
    Enjoyed your observations about the neighbor-“hood” through Wilmington, too. So many of those places have real character & some of the friendliest folks!
    Hope you had a good weekend. Keep your boots on, cowboy…

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