Vaya con Dios, Papa

The Wild One

The Wild One
Two-wheelin’ somewhere in California pre-WW2

I had a good two weeks with Dad back in May. Even when I’d hear him pacing around in the middle of the night, talking to his late wife, he didn’t seem much worse than when I was visiting with him last August. But a few weeks ago, while my sis Maureen was visiting, he started to go downhill fast. I can’t help but feel that he was hanging on until Maureen, his first child, was with him. She started in-home hospice for him, and just a few days later he was gone. 90+ years, mentally OK, at home until the end with family there. Not bad.

Cafe Caliente

The young couple at Cafe Caliente in Los Angeles, late 1944.

Mom and Dad made a good-looking couple out on the town. Soon enough, five kids came along and the nights out got very rare. But after everyone was grown and gone, we’d come back and take them out. Like below, circa 1989 at the old Henry’s-on-the-River restaurant in Algonac, Michigan.


Jeff, Jean and Martin
Henry’s-on-the-River, Algonac MI

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