Changements de la Vie

Sold the house and I’m moving down closer to the beach with my daughter and the boss – la chienne Mocha. Last Sunday I had a reverse house warming party with many friends who have visited here at Emerald Street over the years for BBQs, birthday fetes, pool shooting and house concerts.

Oy, the pool table! It was the first piece of furniture I bought when I moved in here almost 9 years ago. Are my priorities straight? Solid and flat 7′ table with leather mesh pockets. Many, many games, lots of good red wine and microbrews. Luckily none of the liquid on the felt.

Imperial Billiards 7' long, 3/4" slate

Imperial Billiards 7′ long, 3/4″ slate

I offered it to the young couple buying the house… free! Save me the trouble of selling it. But they didn’t want it. What kind of guy does not want a pool table in his family room? Je ne comprende pas. Maybe he didn’t have a real choice and decided it wasn’t worth the conflict. Mere speculation. My listing agent helped me find a buyer, another young fellow buying a big house out in Woodland Hills and wanting an in-house toy to balance his familial duties. Sunday morning he showed up with his wife and a moving crew to take it away. I really wanted to have it for the afternoon party, but c’est la vie. When you have a buyer for something like this, don’t argue.

two sales

two sales

So it walked out the door and I’m sad to see it go. But there will be another, in a different house, maybe even 8′ long. For the full set of pool table move pictures, click here.

Needed to lighten the load on cycling hardware too. Sold the KHS Alite tandem and ye olde Cannondale CAD3 road bike. I have not had a dedicated stoker for several years now, so the tandem was gathering dust anyway. It went to a father whose young son wanted to ride with him. With the stoker saddle all the way down, it just fit the son and will only get better.

KHS Alite tandem

KHS Alite tandem

The Cannondale had some good history, up and down many cols in the French Pyrenees and Alps, as well as tens of thousands of miles in California, Arizona and Michigan. But my #1 ride is a Litespeed Vortex and I also have a custom 80’s Joe Bringheli lugged steel frame that I want to start riding more. The Cannondale deserved to be ridden, so it went to a fellow in Santa Clarita buying it for his high school age son to ride with him.

Cannondale CAD3

Cannondale CAD3

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