Les Changements, Deux

I could stand on the balcony at the new place, squirt from a squeeze tube of chain lube and just about hit the cyclists going by on Catalina Avenue. Catalina and Esplanade, running parallel a block apart, are the two main north/south cycling routes in south Redondo Beach. Riders typically take one or the other on their way to or from the Palos Verdes hills. So it’s a pretty convenient location for me if I want to voyage sur velo.

This morning, as I was contemplating my ride while sitting on the balcony with a bowl of Barbara’s Shredded Oats in vanilla soy milk with chopped nectarine, I watched many of the local hard-core riders heading south on Catalina to the 8:00am start of the well-known two-wheeled slugfest called the Donut Ride. I used to do that, back when I tried to be a racer. Nowadays my rides are a bit more sedate, witness the fact that today I didn’t start until even later when I rolled up Catalina Avenue to Catalina Coffee Company to lead the SBW “Late Riser” ride at 9:00am. It was just me, my buddy from work, Mario Obejas, and Chuck Watson. No, not this Chuck Watson, but the Chuck Watson who has retired from where I work and who is a state and national cycling champ.

Here are a couple images of the new cycling base camp, for a more complete set click here.

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