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Ghost of Rides Past

A Kitchen Aid mixer might seem like an odd subject for a cycling blog post, but stick with me, there is a mere single degree of separation. And being that today is Christmas Day, the mixer actually is apropos. It … Continue reading

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Hooters Be Gone!

Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just repeating what the guard at work said. The FEMALE guard. As I rolled to the campus gate on Walnut Street after biking up the beach from Redondo, something seemed different. I mentioned it to … Continue reading

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H Training, Prologue & Stage 1

This past Saturday, once the rain passed and the streets dried, I got out for a late ride with my buddy Mario. I’m actually NOT embarrassed to say I didn’t start turning the cranks until 2:30 in the afternoon. The … Continue reading

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Getting Chicked

Yesterday, my friend Judith Elliot forwarded a link to a post by Marijn Vries, a Dutch professional cyclist, about doping (or lack thereof) in the female peleton. The posting title is “I Cycle, Therefore I Lie“. One of the points … Continue reading

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