Ghost of Rides Past

A Kitchen Aid mixer might seem like an odd subject for a cycling blog post, but stick with me, there is a mere single degree of separation. And being that today is Christmas Day, the mixer actually is apropos.

the batter maker

the batter maker

It has to be at least 10 years ago. Let’s see, I was in the Emerald Street house for 9 years and this event happened before I was there. I was leading a ride on a Saturday morning for South Bay Wheelmen around the always scenic Palos Verdes peninsula, and probably 10 of us were rolling along on Palos Verdes Drive West, just coming into the small commercial area at Lunada Bay.

I was at the front and noticed a garage sale going on outside of a condo complex. Out of curiosity my eyes were sweeping the displayed wares, and suddenly I saw it. A beige Kitchen Aid mixer, looked to be a heavy duty home model, sitting on a table amongst various other used home goods. I pulled one of those sudden moves ride leaders always warn against doing in a group, jamming on my brakes and swerving right into a driveway.

Stepping off the bike I walked over to the table for a closer look. Yes, a heavy duty model with a stainless mixing bowl, a stainless whipping attachment, and a white enameled metal blending attachment. Used, but in fine shape. Why are you selling it? Remodeled the kitchen, got a new mixer in a matching color. How much? $40. I’ll take it.

Trouble is, I only had $5, enough for a triple americano at the LCS (Local Coffee Shop). By then, a couple of other fellows from the riding group had wandered over with covetous looks in their eyes. NO! It’s mine! But you can lend me some cash and I’ll bake a batch of scones and save one for you. We cobbled together $40 and I took a payment receipt away with me, then drove back after a couple hours to pick up the mixer.

Here we are 10 years later, on Christmas Day, and I just got back from a morning ride around Palos Verdes with my buddy Mario. Showered up, had breakfast and then opened presents with my daughter. She gave me a book of 90 Polish recipes, “From a Polish Country House Kitchen” by Anne Applebaum and Danielle Crittenden. Appetizers, soups and salads, main courses, desserts. She was in a baking mood, so immediately went to the dessert section and found a honey cake recipe that looked pretty simple. Out came the Kitchen Aid mixer, a little dusty from lack of use, but a reminder of rides past up on the hill.

happy holidays from Jac & Mocha!

happy holidays from Jac & Mocha!

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