2 x 101

Guest post today from my cycling acolyte Mario Obejas. Mario just completed the 2nd annual BCCC Santa Barbara ride, organized and led by Andy Rodriguez. Back-to-back 101+ mile days, Redondo Beach to Santa Barbara on day 1, the reverse on day 2. Each day a portion of the ride was on US highway 101 along the ocean south of Carpinteria, sharing the pavement with big rigs, weekend tourists and surf seekers.

Mario says…

216 miles on the bike in two days.

The weekend is over and it’s hard to believe but yeah, I rode two century rides two days in a row. 730am start, from the South Bay, through Santa Monica and the hills of Malibu, past Big Rock, through Point Mugu and the naval base, through the strawberry fields of Ventura and its harbor, through the coastal road that takes you right next to the surf, and the railroad, on the bike path on the 101 Freeway (really, it’s marked) with cars going 60+ next to us, through the construction area where they mysteriously ended the bike path without warning, through the hills and streets of Santa Barbara to our hotel.

One massage, hot tub fun, mandatory carbs at the Italian restaurant, and a crappy night’s sleep, and we were back at it in reverse. We headed out at 7:45am for what turned out to be a better and faster ride, the greatest challenge being navigating the urban zoo of Santa Monica on a warm sunny afternoon.

I had two flat tires, but learned that I can do more than I thought I could. I also learned about preventative Aleve (i.e. take it before you hurt).

I might repeat this next year.

The leg there:

And the return trip

Chapeau to you, Mario, and the rest of the crew who did the ride.

Mario "P Floyd" Obejas and the Velobum at Bluff Cove overlooking Santa Monica Bay

Mario “P Floyd” Obejas and the Velobum at Bluff Cove overlooking Santa Monica Bay

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