Road Show

When computers and GPS systems start driving our cars, I will likely take the opportunity to nap. The road vibrations will lull me to sleep and might induce vivid dreams, but I’ll also miss some interesting sights in the real world along the way. For example, a few miles south of Traverse City MI, my friend Keith and I came upon this hybrid school bus / monster truck / dune buggy:

Later in the day, along I-80 in western Illinois, we reached the Sapp Brothers truck stop with its giant coffee pot hovering high above the pavement:

It reminded me of an episode of the “Leave it to Beaver” show from May 1961, called “In the Soup”. This online comment about the episode describes it pretty well

In the Soup ranks as one of the funniest television moments of all time in my book. Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver got himself in another full blown mess as was his norm throughout most of the series run. And this one happens to be Beaver’s funniest mess of all. He gets trapped inside a giant soup bowl mounted on a billboard at the instigation of his friend Whitey.

Beaver in the soup

Beaver in the soup

Tomato bisque, anyone?

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