A Bridge From Here to There

Iowa generally is thought of as one of those __flat__ places. But in a Des Moines airport gift shop I saw a pink form-fitting women’s t-shirt with this text on the chest – “one place in Iowa that is NOT FLAT”. Obviously playing on the geographic reputation of the state, but if you’re driving across it, perhaps on a mission seeking ground truth, it’s apparent that the state is by no means flat.

One place that puts a lie to the reputation is the High Trestle Bridge, which is part of the High Trestle Trail, a 25 mile biking trail between the towns of Ankeny and Woodward. 13 stories above the bottom of the valley that it traverses, the span was converted from a train bridge to a bike/pedestrian bridge, opening for recreation purposes on April 30 2011. The bridge itself is flat, which means that the rims of the valley overlooking the river also are 13 stories high.

My friend Keith and I took a drive out to the bridge last Sunday before I flew back to California. It was a perfect day for cycling – cool and dry, overcast, not much breeze. I wished I had my Litespeed to ride the trail and cross the span. Here are some photos of the bridge (click on any photo to pop a slide show):

Keith does a bit of cycling himself, but puts a lot more time into renovating old Willys vehicles. Here he is in his fully restored Willys Jeepster:



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