New Year’s Day Triple Java

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.”
Jimi Hendrix

“Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.”
Aldous Huxley

It started on the last day of the year. The listening, that is. I listened to my voice from a year ago telling me to relax all day, to not drink too much alcohol tonight, and to get to bed as soon as possible after the bell tolls for 2013. And why would I pay attention? Because last year, on January 1st, I rode early with my buds Mario and Angie, in suffer mode. Not suffer mode as in pushing the pace, but suffer mode as in trying to ride on not enough rest and too much alcohol, with legs and head complaining in earnest.

So on New Year’s Eve 2013, I spent the evening dining and dancing with a glamorous gal in a clingy emerald dress, enjoying the performance of Andy & Renee with their band Hard Rain. We had a wonderful time but both of us kept a tight cork in the wine consumption. We departed the venue shortly after midnight and I was in bed by 1:00am. The restraint paid off. No pain getting up early, no pain riding other than the normal trying-to-go-fast-uphill kind of pain.

Eleven BCCC members joined me at the Catalina Coffee start of the Triple Java ride (click on the picture for a bigger image):

Triple Java ride crew at the start

Triple Java ride crew at the start

Another member joined us along the way and we headed for the radomes high atop Palos Verdes. Scott Sing and I pulled away on the PV Drive East uphill to Marymount College, then Scott rolled away from me up Crest Road to the domes. More listening – I didn’t try to stay with him while contemplating the climb to come up Via Zumaya later in the ride. (click on any picture for bigger images)

We rolled down through some fancy Palos Verdes and San Pedro neighborhoods to our mid-ride stop at “The Corner Store” in San Pedro at 37th and Barbara Street. It’s an old-fashioned corner store and a neighborhood treasure, and has been operational for more decades than I. My San Pedro open mike buddies introduced me to the store, one of them runs an open mike there on the last Sunday afternoon of each month. The store has adapted to our contemporary desires for upscale coffee drinks and pastry, but also serves an assortment of freshly made sandwiches and soups.

Here are some pics from our stop at The Corner Store (click on any picture for bigger images):

We probably spent an hour relaxing there, and as we were about to leave the BCCC riders on the Triple Java Lite ride showed up to consume the remainder of the pastries, here they are:

Triple Java Lite riders

Triple Java Lite riders

From San Pedro we rolled around the south and west sides of Palos Verdes, including additional vertical snacks up Via Zumaya and Via Campesina, then back to Catalina Coffee for even more caloric replenishment. Thanks to everyone who joined me on a fab ride to start the new year!

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One Response to New Year’s Day Triple Java

  1. Bridget says:

    Nice pics and recap of the ride. FYI the name of that scarf/headband company is Buff.
    – Bridget

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