Back in October 2011 I led a ride from Banning CA to the mountain village of Idyllwild, described in this post. One of my ride companions later sent me an email thanking me for the ride and giving it a “+1”. Being the old dog that I am, I had no idea what he meant by “+1”, but I figured it must be a good thing.

This past Sunday I led a ride in the western Santa Monica mountains starting at Neptune’s Net restaurant. My bud Mario was driving, and while he is becoming an old dog like me, he possesses substantially more savvy about modern technology and the lingo. I asked him about the “+1” comment and he confirmed the good nature of it. Apparently it even pre-dates Facebook.

The ride today was +60. Huh? That’s a hell of a lot of good thing. Great weather, great scenery, great riding companions, and to top it off, a birthday cake at the end. I set up the ride today for my birthday, a gnarly big multiple of 10. You can probably figure it out. Then maybe wonder, at that age, I can still ride?

Mario said that some folks on his ride yesterday were talking about coming along, and there were three of them standing there in front of Neptune’s Net waiting for us – Connie, David and Bob. While Mario and I got our gear together, Bridget pulled up to join us, bringing the group to 6. Not very many, but double the group when I led this route back in early 2012. Here we are at the start, in front of Bridget’s properly coloured Land Rover

We headed back toward LA a couple of miles on Pacific Coast Highway until we reached Mulholland Highway, then we headed up up up, like David here

On the way up we encountered some interesting vehicles coasting down, sort of like enclosed go-karts without motors, just gravity providing the propulsion

Once over the top of the mountains we descended to Westlake Village, then headed west on Potrero Road through horse ranches and upscale suburbs, taking the opportunity for some pacelining on the way to Newbury Park. Down the logslide to the farm flats outside of Oxnard, hooked back up with PCH, and back to the start at Neptune’s Net.

In the morning when we rode away from Neptune’s Net, it wasn’t even open yet. But by the time we finished our ride, the place was jam-packed, mostly with moto riders. Check out the pictures below. Many thanks to Bridget and her niece who baked me a scrumptious birthday cake. We couldn’t eat even half of it, but some grizzled old intimidating Harley riders who Bridget was softening up were happy to polish it off.

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