New Jersey

I’ve been in the state of New Jersey twice, the first being way back in 1980 driving through on my way to NYC. The second time was in September 2007 when I did a house swap with a woman who had a penthouse apartment a couple of blocks off Central Park. While in NYC, my pal Alan Geiger, previously blogged about here, arranged for a bike loan and we rode across the George Washington bridge into NJ and then north along the Hudson River palisades.

However, today I’m not posting about that New Jersey. I’m posting about this new jersey

Connie and the velobum at Point Vicente (courtesy of Mario Obejas)

Connie and the velobum at Point Vicente (courtesy of Mario Obejas)

The jersey I am wearing is from a local business here in central coast wine country. A fellow who rides regularly with the groups here, Gregg Bone, has an olive farm and his own processing facility on the west side of Paso Robles. It’s called Kiler Ridge Olive Farm. Recently he took delivery on cycling kits produced by Voler out of Grover Beach, just down US101 a few miles. A couple weekends ago I moseyed on out to the farm and bought myself a jersey, then interrupted one of Gregg’s facility tours to model it for his olive oil clients.

Last weekend I was in LA and wore the jersey on one of the Beach Cities Cycling Club rides into Palos Verdes. The picture above was taken by my pal Mario during the mid-ride break at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center overlooking a whale migration path just offshore in the Pacific Ocean. When setting up the shot I knew the jersey would look good, but realized we would need some eye candy to offset me doing the modeling, so we called over our friend Connie to join me.

This is only my second new jersey this year, the other one being a 50th anniversary jersey for the Great Western Bike Rallye. If I could ever manage to get to San Luis Obispo at some hour when the Bike Kitchen is open, I’d have a third new jersey, like this

SLO goin' jersey

SLO goin’ jersey

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