Above the Clouds

If you are fortunate enough to live in or visit a place that has significant vertical relief, you sometimes have the opportunity to ride above the clouds. It might take a bit of effort to make the climb, but the effect is worth it. Today I rode well above the clouds at 38000 feet. Take that Strava!

Granted, it didn’t take me much effort beyond using my SWA Visa card enough to earn a free flight, and, as the comedian Louis CK said, “sitting in a chair in the sky.” But effect was well worth it. On my way to Seattle, somewhere over southern Oregon:

SWA 209

SWA 209

SWA 209

SWA 209

Reminds me of a day in the Pyrenees circa 2003 reaching the Pico de Gorramakil:
Pico de Gorramakil

Pico de Gorramakil

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2 Responses to Above the Clouds

  1. Kuerbis says:

    Great photos !

  2. velobum says:

    Thanks Hawk, the contrast between the clouds and the blue sky was stunning. I’ve been wondering about that ghostly roundish shape in the photos and just realized it’s a reflection of the camera in the window.

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