Old School Hydration

This image came to my e-doorstop the other day, courtesy of Matt Peck at Beach Cities Cycling Club:

Which led to an idea…

On Tuesdays, we old-retired-guys-who-ride meet at chez Bailey on the west side of Templeton and venture out amongst the viney hills in the late morning and early afternoon. Typically we stop at one of the wineries to refill our bidons and tell lies about our rides on the previous weekend.

Today we planned to stop at Justin Winery, the last establishment way out on the far reaches of Chimney Rock Road. The image shown above brought an idea to mind – we old guys should re-enact the image while at Justin. Since I have a Justin cycling jersey, I thought maybe if I wore it the staff there would not mind our antics.

Sure enough, when I broached the idea to Meaghan in the tasting room, and showed her a copy of the original image, she got a chuckle out of it and even helped find a good spot for our pictures. While our setting is not quite as rustic as the original, thanks to the good folks at Justin, we got to use a bottle of 2011 Isoceles Reserve ($100+ at the winery) as our prop. Unfortunately for us, it was already empty.

Say hello to my thirsty friends (click on any image to start a slide show):

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2 Responses to Old School Hydration

  1. Eric Nichols says:

    I love the old school black and white photos. Much more character.

  2. velobum says:

    My originals are in color, I used GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) to create grayscale copies and trim the edges.

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