A Vintage Orgasm

Day 2 of Eroica California brought a massive collection of vintage bikes, clothing and gear to Paso Robles. I’ve been working the event all day and have to be back at the event tomorrow morning at 4am, so I’m just too tired to write much other than it’s turning out to be a lot of fun. A large part of what makes it fun is the people, all of whom seem to be in enjoyment mode. That includes the good-natured volunteers helping to put on the event, the Italian visitors from Gaiole, the musicians, the vendors, the mechanics, the media, and all the participants. I’m seeing smiles everywhere.

Here is a collection of cycling jerseys you don’t see every day:

We brought in Nicole Stromsoe and Dorian Michael to play live music in the late morning:

Some of the event staff, judges, mechanics and visitors:

And, of course, vintage bike porn:

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One Response to A Vintage Orgasm

  1. hopefully next year ill have bike to ride in it!

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