Bici Bamboo

Back in the early 70’s I acquired a vinyl LP recording by a two-man band named “Bamboo.” The cover art was the two fellows standing amidst stalks of bamboo while wearing garb that was excessive even for the times. The fabric pattern of the slacks was beyond bold, the bell-bottoms beyond big, the shirtsleeves beyond puffy, the collar points beyond long. Perhaps that was the point – take the style beyond extreme and get it over with, then get back to what mattered, the music.

Bamboo 1969

Bamboo 1969

Today I was getting back to something that mattered, my weekly visit with my hospice client in Morro Bay. Sometimes I drive him here and there in town to take care of things for him, which his how we came upon a couple of bamboo bicycles parked outside of Mike’s Barber Shop. Upon closer examination, they were not really bamboo frames, but standard steel frames with pieces of bamboo tied around the frame sections and strips of bamboo woven between the wheel spokes. Pretty stylish, but a bit extreme. I wonder if they were able to do what matters – carry a rider down the street.

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