They Get Around

One of the cycling groups I belong to, Beach Cities Cycling Club in Redondo Beach CA, is a very active training, touring and social club. Members get well around hither and yon with their wheels. I’m fully expecting to see some shots of BCCC maillots on the cols of les montagnes de France this month in the club newsletter. Since they don’t race, they also don’t worry about consuming too many malted recovery beverages that might add a few ounces to their riding packages. My kind of rouleurs.

This past weekend, some of them drove from LA to Cambria CA for the Country Coast Classic century benefit ride. To support the ride, I was running the rest stop at Hunt Cellars outside of Paso Robles. When my BCCC pals arrived, we gathered for the commemorative photo, then off they went back to the coast and north to Ragged Point.

Don, Matt, Connie, velobum, Pete

Don, Matt, Connie, velobum, Pete

Don’t think I’m TOO much of a lecherous old man, but I take every opportunity I can to hug Connie. Check out a prior hug here.

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