Rocky Canyon, très rocheux

Miss Christie and I decided to vary our cycling habit, so we dusted off our mountain bikes and drove them to Paloma Creek Park on the south side of Atascadero. Whooweeee, sunny and hot-hot-hot, so I parked tactically where the shade would be when we finished our ride. As we got the bikes ready and completed getting kitted up, a youngish fellow wearing a ZZ Top style beard was eyeballing us. He walked over and commented that I must be a serious cyclist with a license plate like “velobum.” My response was that he must be a cyclist himself to make that comment.

Indeed, he and his wife are members of “Linked Cycling”, which, per the facebook pages, appears to be a San Diego based Christian fellowship organization for fans of cycling. They were on vacation touring the central coast, here they are with Christie before we got rolling.


We headed across the dry Salinas River bed on the oiled gravel of Halcon Road, then onto Rocky Canyon Road. Often we use this same crossing on road bikes to head north on Rocky Canyon Road toward Templeton, but today we headed in the other direction and started climbing up to the rock quarry where the road effectively ends. There is a trail for bikes and hikers that goes through the quarry, and then up the canyon above the quarry to the ridgeline. Rocky Canyon Road resumes on the far side of the ridge as a gravel passage descending to highway Cal 229 and the village of Creston.

Here is a collection of pix heading up, a bit down the far side, and then back to the quarry. Christie’s multi-function communication device said it was 104 degrees up top, but I suspect it was reading a bit high since it was sitting in a rear maillot pocket just above her posterior clad in black lycra.

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