Out of the Saddle – Wet Dog Smell & SUP

Bandit hates getting baths at home, always trying to jump out of the tub mid-suds,
but he loves stinky ocean bathing, chasing sticks and balls thrown into the surf and
rolling in the wet sand. He’s a smart boy but hasn’t yet made the connection that an
ocean session leads to a bath when he gets home. Or maybe he figures the beach time
is worth the tub time.

He is the third spaniel for my girlfriend Christie, who also has three cats currently. Cats are cool, but generally their dander mades me wheeze and gack. Fortunately, two of her cats prefer the wild life and spend most of their time outdoors, while the third one prefers the relative comfort of the garage. Frequently cleaned hardwood floors and laundered slipcovers for the furniture also help matters.

Today Christie and I took a pair of borrowed stand-up paddleboards to Morro Bay for
a test run inside the harbor. Both of us are novices and we got the short dry-land
intro course from our cycling friend Gary Bolen, who loaned the boards to us. The
instructions stuck well since neither of us went in the drink. We launched from a
small beach near the mothballed power plant and paddled across the channel to the
sand spit, then out closer to the harbor entrance under the towering face of Morro Rock.

We had perfect weather today for SUP, sunny and warm with a very light breeze and flat water. Lots of seagulls and brown pelicans in the air, and in the water we got pretty close to several otters, who always seem to be in lounging mode paddling around on their backs. One jellyfish floated past me, reminding me of a line from a Jimmy Buffett song about how he’d like to be one and experience “life without a brain.”

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