Out of the Saddle – Big Sur Jade Festival

For the time being, I remain a non-cyclist due to the physical ailments mentioned in my last post, and the consequent surgical procedure which will keep me off my bike at least through October. Nonetheless, there are plenty of other good times to be had here on the California central coast.

The Big Sur Jade Festival is going on this weekend, with lots of heavy, greenish rocks to be ogled and caressed, as well as fantastic live music being played. I know people in three of the five bands playing today, so with my pal Stephen Price we made the drive over the hill to Cambria and north up the coast past Hearst Castle into Big Sur.

When we arrived at the festival, the Zen Mountain Poets were just starting their set. I have heard ZMP a couple of times before, and have heard some of them play individually at open mikes.

Next up was Robi Duganne with one of his bands, Narrow Bridge. Robi moved back to the central coast from Long Beach recently and I have seen him play numerous times since then. He even played solo last month at the open mike I host in Templeton.

Between music sets I took the opportunity to walk around the festival to check out the jade and some scenery. One of the vendors had some big jade stones from Wyoming with a “rind” on them that has to be cut through to reveal the beautiful green material inside. Looking at the stone with the rind on it, to me it just looks like another stone. I asked the fellow how would you know it is jade if you tripped over it out in the field. He said that if you work with the stones long enough you get a feel for the unique visual characteristics, but in addition, they are really, really heavy, like a chunk of iron. I picked up one of his bigger stones, and yes, they could induce a back spasm.

A band named Rough House played next. I had never heard of them, but I liked their Grateful Dead covers.

Next up was Dulcie Taylor, whom I met earlier this year when she was playing at Wild Horse Winery. I have seen her and her bandmates play several times since then, and Dulcie also played solo last month at my open mike.

Great day of music, weather and a lovely drive!


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2 Responses to Out of the Saddle – Big Sur Jade Festival

  1. hope its speedy recovery and your not out of the saddle to long!

  2. Jeff D says:

    Thanks for the positive wishes. I’m starting hiking this week to get the legs moving then maybe back in the saddle by month end.

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