Just in Time for the Holidays…

…as imagined by Tim Burton (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, etc). Over the past few months, in addition to recovering from some internal surgery that kept me out of the saddle, I’ve had a wound on my forearm that simply would not heal. I cannot even recall how it came about, but it would scab over and stay like that until I absentmindedly and painfully knocked the scab off, then wait for a new scab to start.

Earlier this month I made one of my regular visits to my dermatologist and showed it to him. He scraped out a bit and sent it off for pathology. The report said to come back for surgery to excise even more. I don’t want to use the “c” word, but the subsequent pathology report indicated that they got it all. Here is the result (yes, I shaved my arm in preparation for surgery, and then shaved the other just for balance):

The doc says “no exertion” for several days. I guess that includes leaning on handlebars in a paceline or pulling on them uphill, so I’m out of the saddle again for a bit. I knew there was a good reason why I like long-sleeve jerseys…

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