Back in the Hood

Periodically I travel to Santa Monica for a medical appointment at a UCLA clinic, and most times I bring a bike along to ride with some pals in the South Bay area of LA. This past Sunday I joined the Beach Cities Cycling Club for their 9am start at Redondo Union High School.

I rode with the level 2 group through Torrance and Lomita, then we climbed into Palos Verdes and headed for Point Vicente. There was a fellow named Brent in the group whom I had never met before, very strong rider, looked to be in his 30s. Brent told me that he commutes to work by bike every day up through the Sepulveda Pass to Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley. Que macho, I think, no wonder he is so strong. I used to ride to work from Redondo Beach to El Segundo, right next to LAX, but that is baby stuff compared to what Brent is doing.

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We rode along streets I remember well, being that I have been riding through these areas for 30+ years. In central coast wine country, where I live now, we see new vineyards seemingly every week on our group rides. Likewise, in the South Bay and in Palos Verdes it seems like new construction is popping up everywhere.

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One Response to Back in the Hood

  1. Gary says:

    Please revisit the hood, riding past Redondo beach volleyball venue spring / summer. “Cross training” caffeinated beverage break w/ bikini clad setters & spikers! My best memory of my only Redondo bike ride from Circle Cycle ’98.

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