Not Quite 17 Mile Drive

Miss Christie and I dropped the top on the old Sebring convertible, mounted the bike rack on the rear end and strapped our road bikes to it, then cruised north mostly on US101 to Monterey for a Wed/Thu/Fri mini-vacation. Normally on a Wednesday I would be leading a ride from Paso Robles for the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Club, but my pal Ken Carman volunteered to lead in my place, as long as I picked a route and sent out the notification email.

It just so happened that the route I picked used a couple of short sections on the 101 between Paso Robles and San Miguel. As Miss Christie and I were heading up the 101 nearly to San Miguel, we saw a fair-sized group of cyclists stopped on the shoulder fixing a flat. Ha! It was my group! I considered pulling over to gloat about heading to Monterey for a ride, but we settled for waving as we sped by at 60mph.

The weather folks predicted rain for Thursday and Friday in Monterey, so we made sure to get there early enough on Wednesday so that we could ride the famous 17 Mile Drive. We checked in at the Martine Inn B&B in Pacific Grove, kitted up and started pedaling west for Point Pinos, then south to 17 Mile Drive and onward to Carmel. The ride started with mostly sunny skies, but as we got closer to 17 Mile Drive there was fog rolling in off the ocean. As we headed south on 17 Mile Drive the mist just kept getting thicker and wetter so that I was needing wiper blades on my glasses. It got wet enough that we gave it up and turned back.

When we got back around the corner at Point Pinos, the fog cleared and the conditions got much nicer, so we just continued east into Monterey along the water. There is a very nice rails-to-trails bike path that picks up in Pacific Grove at Lover’s Point, heads east into Monterey past Cannery Row, and continues east along the water to, and past, Sand City. We ended up with a nice ride, although not in the direction we had hoped.

Thursday, which was supposed to be wet wet wet, turned out to be a great day for riding on 17 Mile Drive. Too bad we were not riding, but we did take the opportunity to go hiking at Point Lobos State Reserve, on the water south of Carmel, and then lunch at Clint Eastwood’s old hangout, the Hog’s Breath Inn.

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