(you belong) Among the Wildflowers

With apologies to Robert Frost and Tom Petty, today the Bailey Group opted for the road less traveled and headed out to Shell Creek to pedal among the wildflowers blooming after recent rains. I have not ridden out this way for probably 10+ years, the last time I rode the SLOBC Wildflower Century, back when I was still slogging through my aerospace career in LA.

The fields of color suggest to me that, in the future, SLOBC will need to consider moving up the date of that ride. It’s set for April 23, but the flowers are gorgeous right now. By April 23 they might be gone to seed. Besides the 12 riders in our group, there were many tourists checking the blooms and capturing the views with their cameras, even an artist capturing the views with easel, brushes and paints. (click on any image for a slide show)

What goes along with blooming flowers? That’s right, bees. While standing in a shady spot and enjoying the views, I heard and felt some buzzing near my left rear jersey pocket. Dammit, I’m retired, who’s calling me out here? But then I realized that my cell phone was in my *right* rear jersey pocket, and at that moment I felt a bit of a sting on my posterior. Thank goodness I am not allergic, simply brushing away the offending bug was enough, but it reminded me of some past cycling/stinger encounters.


Thanks to Gregg Bone, Christie Dubach and John Richardson for the photos.

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