Father/Daughter Dance

It’s been many a year since I went to a father/daughter dance, but a facsimile of one took place today. I am so grateful that my daughter invited me to come do something with her that I love doing – a bike ride. Specifically, the Tour of Long Beach, which is a benefit ride supporting pediatric cancer research at Miller Children’s & Women’s Hospital of Long Beach.

Not only that, it’s the longest ride she has ever done, so congratulations to her! The ride was pretty flat, mainly using the bike paths along the Los Angeles River, the San Gabriel River, and along the beach, but still, 30 miles is a dreadful distance if you’ve never done it before. Thankfully, the entry fee included a ticket for a free draft beer or hard cider after the finish line, so that took the edge off of the leg pain. (click on any pic for a slide show)

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1 Response to Father/Daughter Dance

  1. Jim Hannon says:

    So sorry I missed you, I was working the Best Buddies booth at the Tour of Long Beach. Glad you were out there and with your daughter, how cool is that!!!

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