Malted Recovery Beverage

Yesterday, while I should have been tidying various rooms in my home, I was instead procrastinating in a common manner by perusing online bicycle articles. One of my preferred sources of diversion is the Velominati website, perhaps most well-known for The Rules.

I violate a number of The Rules while also being in violent agreement with others, LOL at some and find a few to be plain jackass. Quite possibly my favorite, and the one that I attempt to emulate, is #80 – “Always be Casually Deliberate.”

As explained by the author, being casually deliberate extends beyond riding, into ones whole attitude towards life. For the sake of this post, I’ll narrow that down to what one drinks as a malted recovery beverage, as well as the manner of drinking. To that end, various contributors to the website have authored articles you should review, such as “Drink Properly” and “Reverance: Chimay Ale.”

This beverage, sorry to say, is an example of unacceptable:



To elaborate, a friend of mine from university days, with whom I am happy to still be communicating and occasionally visiting, once upon a time complained to me that he was getting fat and slow. The ensuing conversation revealed that he was purchasing and consuming cases of Buckhorn Beer at the local mega-grocery, simply because it was cheap. Indeed, Buckhorn was a low-budget derivative from Olympia Brewing meant to increase market share rather than appealing to those consumers with refined tastes. My advice to him consisted of four words – “better beer less volume.” You will lose weight and your taste buds will thank you. Casually deliberate.



After my ride today amongst the viney hills of north San Luis Obispo County in heat nearing 100F, a malted recovery beverage was in order. German Bitburger poured carefully into a pint glass from “The Cove” bar/restaurant, located in one of my favorite vacation spots, the town of Leland in the state of Michigan. Casually deliberate.

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One Response to Malted Recovery Beverage

  1. Gary Dunning says:

    Grazie enlightening the ignorami: Rule #24 = my jam; working on #25.

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